Logger for Shortcuts

Logger for Shortcuts
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开发者:Snailed It Development Ltd


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Logger for Shortcuts介绍

Logger is the first developer console designed for Shortcuts. Building complex shortcuts is now easier than ever! Use the Logger's shortcut actions to write messages to the console. See them posted in realtime as your shortcut runs - no more Quick Look actions required. Use the powerful filtering tools to drill down into the output. Filter by category, device, date, contents, search or tags. All your messages are synced securely between your devices using iCloud and you can even export your logs to plain text or markdown.

Logger for Shortcuts更新日志

版本:1.2.2更新时间2024-06-08更新信息:- "Random Colour" button is now a little less random: It will no longer sometimes select the colour that the tag is already using (making the button appear to have done nothing). - "Random Colour" button had no accessibility label.
版本:1.2.1更新时间2023-11-11更新信息:- Force iOS to compact database on next run after Clear Messages -> All is selected
版本:1.2.0更新时间2023-08-25更新信息:- Default to starting with logging enabled - The Clear Messages Shortcuts Action now supports filtering by level and tag - Added ability to swipe-to-delete log entries
版本:1.1.0更新时间2022-03-11更新信息:• You can now toggle between seeing the latest or earliest messages first • Improved layout on larger iPads • Minor bug fixes