Magic Call Pro: Simulate Call

Magic Call Pro: Simulate Call
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开发者:Roxwin Vietnam Technologies Company Limited


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Looking for a way to gracefully exit a boring conversation or a tedious meeting? Look no further than Magic Call Pro, the ultimate solution for your escape! Experience the most professional and visually stunning Call On-Demand application available on the market. With Magic Call Pro, you can effortlessly rescue yourself from any awkward situation with just a call! Key Features: - Simulate a realistic calling screen to make your exit appear genuine. - Customize Caller ID Spoofing, Avatar, Phone number, in-call voice, and ringtone for a truly authentic experience. - Quickly initiate a call from the Home Menu using 3D Touch (Requires iPhone 6S and later). - Schedule calls to plan your escape in advance. - Manage and personalize different in-call voices and ringtones for each call. - Schedule a new call at a specific time to fit your needs perfectly. - Select callers from your contacts for added authenticity. - Customize call ringtones, vibrations, and call voices to suit your preferences. - Play a voice message after the call is answered for an added touch of realism. Escape boredom and unwanted conversations like a pro with Magic Call Pro If you like Magic Call Pro please take a moment to leave a review or send your feedback to manhntz@gmail.com also visit our website: https://www.roxwin.co.nz We’re always happy to help. Thank you for using Magic Call Pro!

Magic Call Pro: Simulate Call更新日志

版本:3.5更新时间2023-07-07更新信息:bug fixes and stability improvements
版本:3.4更新时间2023-07-04更新信息:Bug fixes and improvements
版本:3.3更新时间2023-05-16更新信息:Introducing Slide to Answer:  Now you can experience the thrill of answering incoming calls with a simple slide gesture, just like on an iPhone! Slide to answer and immerse yourself in the realism of our Magic Call Pro app. Other bug-fixes
版本:3.1更新时间2023-05-11更新信息:Added proximity sensor:  Experience a more realistic fake call by placing your phone to your ear. The screen will automatically turn dark, simulating a real call. Added Quick Activation:  Start a fake call instantly by shaking your device. It's now even quicker to exit unexpected situations! Added some new ringtones:  Enjoy a wider selection of ringtones to customize your fake calls. Other bug fixes and performance improvements.
版本:3.0更新时间2023-03-10更新信息:- Full iOS 16 support and improvements - Added new Home Widget
版本:2.4.8更新时间2022-03-04更新信息:Bug fixes
版本:2.4.7更新时间2022-02-28更新信息:- Add More settings - Update wallpapers
版本:2.4.6更新时间2022-02-27更新信息:UI improvements Update wallpaper
版本:2.4.5更新时间2022-02-24更新信息:Add more Ringtones Update UI and improvements Update caller avatar
版本:2.4.4更新时间2022-01-24更新信息:- Support iOS 15 - UI/UX Enhancements
版本:2.4.3更新时间2021-06-11更新信息:- Improve UI
版本:2.4.2更新时间2021-06-10更新信息:- Update UI
版本:2.4.1更新时间2021-06-05更新信息:- Update UI
版本:2.4更新时间2021-06-02更新信息:- Redesign UI/UX - Bug fixes and improvements
版本:2.3.1更新时间2020-02-08更新信息:- Improve UI/UX
版本:2.3更新时间2020-02-04更新信息:- Support iOS 13 and latest devices
版本:2.2更新时间2019-03-30更新信息:- Support more languages - Improve UI/UX
版本:2.1更新时间2018-11-12更新信息:- Fully Support iOS 12 - Support Dark Mode - Improve UI
版本:2.0更新时间2017-11-14更新信息:- Fully support iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iOS 11 - Allow custom voices - Improve UI - Minor bug fixes
版本:1.1.4更新时间2017-09-05更新信息:- Minor bug fixes